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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 8)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA launches a new cybersecurity certification, Certiport prepare to huddle up with IT educators from across the country, and more.

CompTIA Adds Cybersecurity Analyst Credential to Certification Portfolio


Measuring risk CSAAfter several months of anticipation, CompTIA formally launched a new certification this week, adding the new CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst credential, shorthanded CSA+, to its widely respected IT training and accreditation portfolio. With the addition of CSA+, there are now three CompTIA certs that specifically take aim at the cybersecurity realm, the others being Security+ and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP). (CompTIA is also a partner with Ultimate Knowledge Institute on the Social Medial Security Professional credential, but the SMSP is not considered an official CompTIA certification.) CompTIA views the new CSA+ as filling an important gap is the cybersecurity certification realm, training security professionals to integrate behavioral analytics into their cybersecurity skill sets. According to CompTIA, the new credential "will offer broad-spectrum validation of knowledge and skills required to configure and use cyber-threat detection tools, perform data analysis and interpret the results to identify vulnerabilities, threats and risks to an organization. It certifies knowledge of a data-driven approach to information security." The three-hour CSA+ exam is a mixture of no more than 85 multiple choice and performance-based questions, and can be passed with a score of 750 (on a scale of 100 to 900).


Cisco Says the Era of Big Data is Here, Predicts IoT Business Boom


Information is everywhere. Until relatively recently, however, much of it passed by unnoticed. Now that advancing technology has made it possible to capture and record events and actions with increasing precision, and in dramatically increasing volumes, information that hitherto lay outside our grasp is rapidly becoming mountains of actionable data. And our fast-growing ability to analyze that data and act on it is revolutionizing everything. In a post to the Cisco Learning Network's Talking Tech with Cisco blog this week, product manager Neeraj Chadha reports that roughly 212 billion machines and devices will be connected in the globe-spanning array we casually refer to as the Internet of Things by 2020. (Cisco tried to get everyone to roll with the trademarkable phrase Internet of Everything for a while, but IoE never really caught on.) Chadha says that all of the big data spewing forth from those hundreds of billions of connected computers will soon open up a torrent of new business opportunities. There are many different certifications that could help you get in on the action, but Cisco is certainly making a push to keep its array of credentials at the forefront of that conversation.


ISACA Blogger Issues Call to Women to Join IT Workforce


In recent years it has begun to be more common to find women in IT careers, but it would still be hard to claim that the generally male-dominated IT ranks have begun to be diversified to any meaningful extent. In a post that appeared last week on the ISACA Now blog, IT executive Melanie Mecca of the CMMI institute speculates that girls and young women still aren't being sufficiently encouraged to pursue math and science while in school. Given that IT careers offer better-than-average salary prospects and advancement opportunities, Mecca says that IT is a career bullseye at which women should regularly be taking aim. Mecca herself will be discussing the topic at a 60-minute webinar set for Thursday at noon (Eastern Standard Time). The webinar is part of ISACA's oncoing Connecting Women Leaders in Technology campaign.


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