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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 32)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA ponders the possibility of a Cyber National Guard, Microsoft Learning clears the air about GDPR and Microsoft certification data, and more.

ISACA: Does U.S. National Guard Need a Branch Devoted to Cybersecurity?


Female soldier uses computersPresident Donald Trump of the United States has talked before about creating an outer space-based branch of the military, and CNN reported yesterday that those plans will resurface this week during a visit to the Pentagon by Vice President Mike Pence. Is there another perilous frontier, however, that U.S. leaders should weigh the importance of securing before turning their attention heavenward? A post last week to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA suggests that military resources might be better spent closer to home. Guest blogger Michael Podemsky of professional services firm Ernst & Young considers a pending bipartisan proposal in Congress that would fund the creation of a Cyber National Guard. Similar in scope and mission to the existing U.S. National Guard, which has Army and Air Force branches, the new program would, on a volunteer basis, enlist the talents of cybersecurity professionals and other skilled IT personnel to engage with internet- and computer-based threats against the United States. Could it be that the "space" we should be most worried about is cyberspace?


Cisco Sifts Through Certification Survey Findings


From the Certification Really Does Help IT Professionals Files, we bring you a lengthy digest that appeared this week at Cisco Learning Network's the Talking Tech with Cisco blog. Cisco has an active and influential global certification program, and blogger Linda Boroff discusses the many and varied benefits of Cisco certification in a post that condenses recently-released findings of the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report. In an interesting twist on the usual cherry picking of the Global Knowledge findings, Boroff doesn't get into detail about specific Cisco certifications, but instead ponders the value and importance of certification itself, as demonstrated in various IT Skills and Salary Report outputs. For example, the IT Skills and Salary Report found that individuals who participated in skills training over the past year are 30 percent more satisfied with their jobs than those who did not. If you're intimidated by the size and scope of IT Skills and Salary Report itself, then Boroff's analysis provides a good opportunity to catch up with some of the highlights.


CompTIA Reports Survey Findings About the Dollar Value of IT Certification


Speaking of the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report and its highlights, you can jump over to a new post at the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA to find some consideration of the juicy bits of GK's undertaking. Talk of skills gaps and employer satisfaction with IT professionals is all well and good, but on the "cut to the chase" front, lots of people just want to know which certifications are the greenest one. Not the most environmentally friendly, of course, but the most likely to be associated with fat salaries. CompTIA blogger Emily Matzelle considers GK's list of the Top 20 Highest-Paying Certifications, which includes three CompTIA credentials. Head on over to find out which CompTIA certs made the cut, as well as which other certifications got some consideration.


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