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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 33)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news we pass along some pro tips for IT freelancers from Certification Magazine, bring you words of wisdom from ISACA about working in cybersecurity, and more.

Get Paid Fair Rates for Tech Gig Work


How much can (and should) your charge for IT gig work?Knowing what to charge for a gig — that's what the cool kids are calling freelance work today — can be one of the most challenging aspects of being one's own boss in IT. You need to get paid what you're worth, but you also don't want potential clients to be scared off by the cost of doing business. If you've ever been vexed by this conundrum, then there's a worthwhile read over at Certification Magazine that could change your whole outlook. There are lots of variables to consider, and regular CertMag (and GoCertify) contributor Reena Ghosh gives an impressively thorough rundown of what factors should be part of your overall calculation. For example, should you charge hourly rates, or get a set fee per job? And when is it time to think about upping your asking price? There's fertile ground for a skilled professional to consistently reap solid for-hire work in today's IT economy. You'll have a leg up on the competition if you go in with clear rates and a well-reasoned cost rationale.


CompTIA CEO Opens Up About the Seeds of His IT Career


Everyone loves a good origin story — just look at the money that people consistently shell out for superhero movies. Even less glamorous careers than saving the world, however, have various points of entry, as well as many different paths that successful professionals have followed to rise to the middle or upper echelons of success. And it's always intriguing to learn how Person A got into Career B. In that spirit, there's a cool recent post to the CompTIA newsroom blog that traces the IT origins of CEO Todd Thibodeaux. As a child, for example, Thibodeaux had a keen interest in knowing how things work and took apart a microwave. His parents eventually found a washing machine and told him he could have $100 if he successfully disassembled and reassembled it. He also loved video games (naturally), and enjoyed reading adventure stories featuring Tom Swift (That's an old person thing, millennials). It's a fun read and Thibodeaux shared the deets for a reason: CompTIA wants to know what makes YOU passionate about IT, and is asking for 5-minute videos that give details. If you've ever wanted the world to know what brought about your involvement in it, well, there you go.


New Issue of CompTIAWorld Hits the Digital Newstand


In other news of the leading tech industry association, CompTIA has now released the fourth issue of its still relatively new quarterly magazine. Each issue of CompTIAWorld Magazine (which really, really looks like CompTIA World Magazine on the magazine covers, just sayin') covers a range of IT topics and includes career advice for tech professionals. The new fall issue has a cover story about Victor Johnson, the recently christened CompTIA Member of the Year, as well as features like "Building a Culture of Cybersecurity," "The Perfect Launching Point," and "How to Network on Twitter." The magazine is free to read online at CompTIA's website.


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