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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 35)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Oracle dares to help you find the right certification among its (literally) hundreds of credentials, a few words from CompTIA about PenTest+, and more.

Yes You Can ... Find the Right Oracle Certification


Oracle certification jungle explorerYou have to love the candor and sincerity of a blog post about Oracle certifications, by Oracle Certification, that begins thusly: "Have you tried navigating the Oracle Certification labyrinth lately? If so, you may have come away with your head spinning!" Yes, we here at Certification Watch have tried that, and yes, it did in fact make our collective noggin a little woozy. The good news, it would seem, is that the average layman can, in fact, pick a path through morass. Blogger and Oracle Certification senior program manager Brandye Barrington lays out a solid four-step plan that any individual can follow to find the right certification. You may also notice, and we'll just go ahead and toot our own horn here for a second, that Barrington points to a familiar, if slightly dated, resource right here at GoCertify, a "Beginner's Guide to Oracle Certification" that Matthew Morris laid out back in 2015. GoCertify and Oracle Certification: helping you make sense of the labyrinth since 2015.


What Is '5th Generation' Technology?


No, seriously, we're asking you. What is it? We were alerted to the topic by a recent post to the VIP Persepctives blog of Cisco Learning Network that discusses the exciting time in which we all live. Is it exciting because there's so much original content on Netflix and Amazon Prime? Is it exciting because you can walk into any Subway restaurant in America and get a meatball sub for just $4.99 (limited time only at participating restaurants)? Is it exciting because self-driving cars have only killed two people in 2018? All of those developments are individually worthy of attention and celebration, but the true excitement in the air is on account of 5G technology, which definitely has more Gs than 1G technology, and for that reason alone we should probably all sit down for a moment and take some deep breaths. We kid! (Mostly.) 5G technology is out there, and if you want to gain a better understanding of what it entails, then click over to Cisco Learning Network and blow your own mind.


'Open' Up the Floodgates of Human Ingenuity


Speaking of blown minds, there's an interesting and speculative new article up over at the Certification Magazine website, With open source collaboration continuing to unlock major advances in software development, the question of what else we could accomplish by collaborating and sharing is an interesting notion to consider. Tech writer Nathan Kimpel considers a few of the larger possibilities and discusses some of the hurdles to seeing them come to fruition. Is the ongoing development and widespread use of Linux a model that could be adapted to areas of endeavor like pharmaceutical research and energy production? We may never know, or at least not until reality turns into Star Trek, but asking questions and suggesting new perspectives at least provides energizing food for thought.


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