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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 38)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cisco Learning Network issues a cybersecurity forecast for 2019, Certification Magazine has a list of entry-level certs for aspiring IT support professionals, and more.

Cisco Learning Network Predicts Cybersecurity Dangers Lurking in 2019


What are the top security threats on the horizon in 2019?There is more than a full quarter of 2018 still to unfold, but apparently it's already time to begin looking ahead to next year. Over at Cisco Learning Network, blogger Linda Boroff says that 2019 has big challenges in store for cybersecurity professionals, as well as the wider IT world in general. The time to prepare is now and Boroff, by referencing recent reports assessing the state of cybersecurity, has compiled a list of 10 emerging cyberthreats to watch for in the coming year. For example, with reference to concerns raised in a recent report of the World Economic Forum, Boroff says that government-sponsored cyberattacks are almost certain to escalate (both in frequency and intensity) in 2019. Also on the horizon, as noted in a CIO Magazine analysis of the threat landscape, is a likely wave of attacks on internet infrastructure aimed at undermining the connectivity and reliability that most users take for granted. Cybersecurity problems affect all of us, and Boroff's blog includes recommendations for preemptive protection measures, so it's definitely worth a read.


CompTIA Says IT Fundamentals+ Is Not Just for Kids


A couple of weeks back, tech industy association CompTIA rolled out a brand-new version of its tech gateway IT Fundamentals+ certification. This week, blogger and CompTIA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Steve Harper stepped up to the keyboard with a new post to CompTIA's IT Career News blog that makes the case for IT Fundamentals+ as as being not just a point of entry, but a bridge. Adults planning to cross over to the IT employment realm, Harper says, can benefit just as readily from IT Fundamentals+ as students and other young learners being exposed to IT for the first time. Harper talks about his own experience crossing over to IT as a youngish father in the early 2000s. He eventually dived in with CompTIA's A+, but says he'd have had a greater view of the possibilities of IT if his initial exposure had come about via IT Fundamentals+. The newest ITF+, in particular, he says, does a good job of touching on a variety of IT disciplines. Especially for those intimidated by the depth and breadth of A+, IT Fundamentals may be a kinder and gentler jumping-off point.


Splunk Reboots Certification Program with New Exams, Better Testing


Big Data is a big deal in IT circles already, and the importance and impact of data analysis continues to skyrocket. One of the bigger Big Data players is in the midst of a major overhaul of its existing certification program. Splunk, a San Francisco-based tech firm that specialized in data software designed to help companies analyze and interpret data from automated collection tools, zotzed its existing certification exams on Aug. 31. Now Splunk has a newly-minted agreement with certification testing titan Pearson VUE to administer its revamped certification exams, which will be available in early October. Splunk (that name makes us think of caverns, incidentally, perhaps caverns where so-called "data miners" descend) probably has seven certifications in total, and is offering its new exams (registration is already available) at $125 apiece, or $500 for a five-pack.


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