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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 39)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft rolls out role-based certification training, Certification Magazine has more information about starting a certification program, and more.

Microsoft Unveils New Approach to Certification


Microsoft has new job role certifications.Prior to the past few days, the Microsoft Learning Blog — formerly the Born To Learn Blog — had sputtered along in fits and starts ever since the redesign of the Microsoft Learning website launched at the end of May. The blog was entirely dormant from May 21 to July 16, then a total of four widely spaced posts appeared from July 16 through Sept. 23. On Monday, however, the blog erupted like Mount St. Helens, belching forth five posts on the same day. Four of them address the same topic, which is Microsoft Learning's launch of a new initiative to link Microsoft certification with specific Microsoft job roles. Up to this point, Microsoft certifications have been designed to equip  candidates with deep knowledge of various Microsoft software offerings, without necessarily preparing individuals to work in a particular capacity. Under the new regime, credentials will be more directly designed to help candidates step into designated roles in the modern IT workplace. There post linked above includes a mountain of details, and there three other related posts to help bring you to speed.


ISACA Blogger Addresses Proliferation of New Cybersecurity Terminology


There's a reason that the term "technobabble" exists in the cultural lexicon. While not everything in IT is cloaked in dense jargon or tangled in shadowy thickets of inside-the-circuit-board vernacular, there's more than enough specialized language to fog the mind of casual interloper. One particularly thorny area is the cybersecurity realm, where it sometimes seems like there's a new word describing a hitherto unknown form of attack practically every week. A useful recent post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance group ISACA introduces a handy solution with the tongue-in-cheek moniker The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary. Blogger Raef Meeuwisse said that he began compiling the volume (the 4th edition of which was just released) to demystify and dispel the sweeping tide of cybersecurity lingo threatening to engulf anyone who doesn't work in cybersecurity for a living. Meeuwisse estimates that the just-released new edition of The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary discusses 30 percent more terms, including the likes of "unified endpoint management" and "behavioral microtargeting," than its immediate predecessor.


CompTIA Highlights Jobs Available to Certified Individuals


It's a big week for talking about jobs and certification. Tech industry association CompTIA, which has often stressed the link between certification and employment in the past, is sounding the clarion call again. Want a job? A CompTIA certification can get you one. A new post to CompTIA's IT Career News blog this week points to five key employment sectors where CompTIA certification holders can find fertile soil for their certified skills. CompTIA directs flummoxed job hunters to resources or strategies that can help them find employment in IT support, human resources, systems architecture, cybersecurity, and telecommunications. As summed up by blogger Emily Matzelle, "
The point is that CompTIA certifications continue to hold a strong position in the market — especially for IT pros looking for entry-level positions — and the data backs it up."


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