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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 39)

Start Your Own Certification Program (Part 5)


What does it take to create a certification program?Most people know that there's more to creating an IT certification program than just rustling up some acronyms and issuing exams, but it can be hard to understand where to start and how to proceed. For anyone who's been confronted with those challenges in the past, or is presently grappling with them, help is available from an ongoing series at, the website for Certification Magazine. Earlier this week the CertMag team posted the fifth article in an ongoing series from certification expert Warren Wyrostek that gives step-by-step insight regarding the tools and processes needed to build a certification program from the gound up. It's a great resource for anyone who's ever been tasked with creating a certification, and insightful ever for those who are simply curious about the process. Almost everone who works in information technology encounters IT certification sooner or later, and it can be illuminating just knowing what makes the wheels spin behind the scenes.


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