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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 41)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA has cybersecurity credentials for beginners, Oracle is offering free certification exams at Oracle OpenWorld, and more.

ISACA Offers Certificates for Cybersecurity Beginners


ISACA's new CSX courses teach basic security skills.The cybersecurity industry has a manpower problem. It's the same problem that has cropped up across the entire information technology (IT) realm in the past decade, but it's pehaps more acutely felt in cybersecurity than anywhere else. Simply put, the number of open positions for skilled cybersecurity professionals far exceeds the supply of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Information security and governance association ISACA created its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) portal specifically to address such problems — among other cybersecurity challenges — and just in time for National Cyber Security Awareness Month CSX has released a series of certificates to help entry-level cybersecurity workers take their knowledge and skills to the next level. The CSX Foundation Series is a collection of three courses that deal with key security topics. Completing each course in the series confers a separate certificate, and there's a master certificate to be earned by completing all three. Each of the three courses, CSX Packet Analysis, CSX Network Application and Configuration, and CSX Linux Application and Configuration, is available online. The cost to take each course is $400 (or $250 for ISACA members), and the exam cost for each is $200.


CompTIA Has D-I-Y Tips to Secure Your Home Network


Millions of homes in the United States alone have a router and a few connected devices: the family computer, a laptop, a computer for the kids, and everyone's phones and tablets. Asking, "What's the wifi password here," when visiting the home of a friend of relative is as commonplace and unremarkable as asking to use the restroom. And while most people are pretty good at thinking up a clever name for their home wireless network and, yes, creating a password, many don't spare another thought for security. In reality, however, any device in your home that connects to the internet is a potential attack vector, and many of them may not be as secure as you think. If that concerns you, then there's a new post to the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA that's certain to be of interest. Blogger Stephen Schneiter discusses common vulnerabilities and tells you how to address them. For example, many devices come with preset default password protection that homeowners never change. A savvy hacker with the right manufacturer's information can waltz right in. If that rings an alarm bell in your head, then you'll probably benefit from reading the entire article.


Microsoft Is Making Your Certification Experience Better


Microsoft has been in a steady cycle of change and improvement of its certification program for some time now. The software titan has put a lot of time and effort into revitalizing the certification experience of its affiliated learners at all levels, and the newest development in that process is a series of improvements to the Microsoft Certification Dashboard, the personal online interface for Microsoft Certified Professionals to track the progress and outcomes of their certification and learning efforts. There are a handful of new features to increase convenience, and other features that are being retired. Hit the link included above for complete details.


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