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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 41)

Free Certification Exams at Oracle OpenWorld


Take a free certification exam at Oracle OpenWorld!Companies and organizations that offer tech certifications often have annual conferences and conventions. In addition to being a sort of ground zero for product information, professional networking, continuing education, and brand management, such events are often a great place to find discounts, free trials, and other offers connected to certification and training. Such is most definitely the case at the forthcoming Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco later this month. Registered conferencegoers can participate in the Oracle OpenWorld Test Fest event, which offers the chance to take a certification exam free of charge at any of nine different exam sessions over four days. There are more than 90 exams available to Test Fest participants, so if you're already attending the event, and you have an Oracle certification in your sights, then this is an excellent opportunity to maximize your conference participation.


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