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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 49)

Who Will Be Red Hat's Next CPOY?


Who will be the next Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year?'Tis the season to celebrate the this or that "most," "best," etc., things of 2018, while also looking ahead to 2019. Red Hat is doing a little bit of both with its just-launched annual nomination period for the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year (CPOY). The CPOY designation is technically in reference to next year (2019), but the nomination window closes in early January, and nominations are likely to be most heavily influenced by excellence observed in 2018. To be eligible for consideration, nominees must hold a current Red Hat certification. Self-submission is permitted, so feel free to nominate yourself if you aren't acquainted with a deserving friend or colleague who also has a Red Hat certification. Nominations should provide detailed information about how the nominee's Red Hat-certified skills have helped them to:

● Succeed in their current job using Red Hat solutions
● Enhance their company’s or customers’ IT environments using Red Hat solutions
● Improve their company’s or customers’ system performance
● Increase their company’s or customers’ system security using Red Hat solutions
● Deliver results to their organization or customers using Red Hat solutions


All nominations must be received by midnght on Jan. 18. Additional details are available online.


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