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Apple Certified Trainer

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This vendor-specific Certification is Offered By:
Apple Computer
Cupertino, CA USA
Phone: 408-996-1010
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skill Level: Instructor                          Status: Active

Low Cost: $1400 (shortest track)               

For individuals wishing to teach courses on Apple technologies, using the Apple curriculum. Training areas for this designation include topics ranging from OS X and OS X Server to Apple pro applications, including Final Cut Pro, Motion, Logic Pro, and Aperture.

Apple offers two ACT programs: The Pro Apps ACT program, which certifies individuals to teach Apple's Pro Applications curriculum and The IT ACT program, which certifies individuals to teach Apple's Mac OS X curriculum.

Initial Requirements:
To become a Pro Apps ACT you must submit a Pro Apps Apple Certified Trainer application and have at least one year experience on the specific Pro Application and three years experience as an editor, photographer, effects artist, DVD author or sound designer. (Teaching experience in these fields is also considered). You must also have completed the end user course for your specific product and have a Level One Apple Certified Pro end user certification in application. You must meet all prerequisites for the course you want to teach and demonstrate the ability to teach technical courses at a T3 session. Teaching experience in a structured classroom setting is preferred.
To become an IT ACT, you must: have two years experience teaching or training in a structured classroom setting; have an AATC Sponsor; submit an IT Apple Certified Trainer application; have a minimum of one year of experience with Mac OS X; have passed the relevant exams at the Trainer Cut Scores; and meet all prerequisites for the course.
Upon completion of the above requirements, the trainer will receive an email from the ACT Program Manager for his or her region, with instructions for accessing the tools and information available to ACTs.

Continuing Requirements:
Certification continues for a lifetime in the Americas and one year in the Asia/Pacific regions unless there is a major update to course curriculum, a trainer receives unacceptable evaluations, or your Apple contract is terminated.

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