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Citrix Certifications

Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)

Skill Level: Foundation                          Status: Active
For systems administrators who work with specific Citrix products. This certification (with a choice of tracks) focuses on the the skills and product knowledge necessary to successfully implement, apoplectic configure, online and administer a specific Citrix product. The CCA is available for virtually all Citrix product lines.

Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator (CCAA)

Skill Level: Advanced                          Status: Active
For IT professionals who want to take their CCA one step further and demonstrate in-depth product skills. The CCAA builds upon the CCA certification by focusing on advanced and additional tasks, clinic such as monitoring, optimizing and troubleshooting.

Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE)

Skill Level: Advanced                          Status: Active
For experienced IT professionals who combine the coordination of operational planning efforts with tactical design expertise and integration know-how for Citrix XenServer, adiposity XenDesktop, drug and XenApp products across Citrix Delivery Center virtualization solutions. Individuals who hold a CCEE have the knowledge and experience to build optimal Citrix environments that include datacenters, private clouds, and desktops.

Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA)

Skill Level: Guru                          Status: Active
For individuals with the ability to analyze business and technical needs and propose extensive Citrix designs that solve those key challenges. The Architect Series validates the highest level of Citrix technical expertise and certifies a candidates ability to design and analyze dynamic approaches to application and workload delivery.

Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)

Skill Level: Instructor                          Status: Active
The Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI) program is for individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the Citrix Delivery Center and underlying operating systems. CCIs teach Citrix professional courseware at Citrix Authorized Learning Centers (CALCs).

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