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Open Group Distinguished Architect (Open CA)

This vendor-neutral Certification is Offered By:
Open Group, The
San Francisco, CA USA
Phone: 415-374-8280
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skill Level: Guru                          Status: Active

Low Cost: $1250 (shortest track)               

For individuals with significant breadth and depth of impact on the business via one of three advanced career paths: Chief/Lead Architect, Enterprise Architect or IT Architect Profession Leader. This is level 3 of the Certified IT Architect program.

Initial Requirements:
You must be certified at Level 2, or have met the Level 2 Conformance requirements at some time in the past. There are three tracks to choose from: IT Architecture, Business Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture. You must meet the experience requirements for your track and complete an application documenting your core foundation skills, including people skills, project management skills, business skills and architecture skills ($1250). If you are not certified at level 2, you must submit a Level 2 package in addition to the Level 3 package. You must then pass an interview by a board of Certified IT Architects. There is an annual fee of $175.
Experience requirements are as follows:

For the Chief/Lead Architect track, you must have established architectural vision for significantly complex enterprise (-wide) solution architectures.

For the Enterprise Architect track, you must have established architectural vision for significantly complex Enterprise Architectures.

For the Profession Leader track, you must have experience in developing and/or maintaining and deploying an organization's IT Architect Profession Model.

Continuing Requirements:
You must recertify every three years ($250).

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