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GoCertify Certification Cost Calculator

This calculator will help you estimate your total expenditure for earning a particular certification. Standard certification expenses include study materials, training costs, and testing fees. You may also find yourself paying for travel to a training or testing site, application fees, or other expenses.

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When calculating your expenditure you may wish to include opportunity cost. Opportunity cost addresses indirect costs of certification - such as income you won't earn because you're studying instead of working. In this form it is calculated by multiplying your hourly pay rate by the number of hours of work missed in order to achieve certification.

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Certification To Earn:

Your Hourly Rate (ex: 25): $ (enter 0 to exclude opportunity cost)

Individual Requirement Costs:

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Requirement Description Test Fees Cost of Study Materials Tuition for Related Training Related Travel/ Lodging Costs # of Work Hours Missed (opportunity cost)
example: pass exam 70-1234 $125 $25 $800 $0 0
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $
$ $ $ $

Miscellaneous Fees:
Application Fee: $
Other Fees: $ for: