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IT Certification FAQ

Can I Advance My Career Through Certification?

Many computer people are increasing their earnings by getting certified. They are finding great personal satisfaction in measuring themselves against the latest and best technologies and receiving independent confirmation that they have what it takes. And they are using certification to bridge to a fresh specialty, add in-depth expertise, or bolster professional credentials.

But not everyone who completes a certification program walks away a satisfied customer. Sometimes precious time and money spent on training returns nothing but a sense of disappointment. When that happens, it is usually because either the program wasn't well matched to individual goals and aspirations, or because the person didn't know how to take advantage of the certification once they received it.

Neither shortcoming is surprising since most people are aware of a mere fraction of the certifications open to them. you will should learn what you need to know to differentiate between the 200 plus certification options, how to select and obtain one, which mistakes to avoid, and how to get the most out of a certification once you have earned it. Do that, and yes, you really can advance your career through certification.

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