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IT Certification FAQ

Do I Need A College Degree to Get Certified?

Absolutely not. In fact, there are generally no educational prerequisites. Even lack of a high school diploma will not bar your entrance to computer certification programs.

That has long been one of the positive aspects of computer work--there is typically room for everyone who is capable and often even for those with marginal skills but burning passion for the field. Good educational credentials, however, will often smooth the way into the upper ranks of computer professionals and are listed as a requirement in many job postings. Larger companies, especially, seem to automatically expect candidates to hold a bachelor of computer science degree. Startups are often more flexible.

But we've all heard of the self-taught hacker who founded a company in his garage and moved on to become an industry mover and shaker.

It seems pretty much a continuation of that tradition that certification programs basically work like this: you fill out the paperwork and pay your money--you get in. You complete the requirements, which often include exams and sometimes a record of related work history, and you get certified.

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