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IT Certification FAQ

How Can I Promote Myself And My Certification?

To make the most of your certification, shop you will want to learn how to maximize its value as a business tool. Filing it away in a cabinet will not do that. Make sure your customers, cheap ed clients, and potential employers know that you hold the credential. Certification sponsors provide tools to help you do this, often providing professional logos for inclusion on your business cards, website, and marketing materials. Many offer inclusion in an online directory of certified professionals or the opportunity to be added to a referral database.

Through well-planned use of web pages, forums, and other Internet resources, you can get your name to pop up in association with your area of certification. You can also establish expert status by providing useful information to media outlets such as newspapers and television. If you send out a newsletter to your current clients or business e-mail, make sure it mentions your certifications every time!

There are also techniques you can use to move up in the ranks at your current company or in billing rates if you are an independent. These include finding ways to demonstrate your enhanced value, and simply asking your boss for a raise or promotion. After you obtain a certification, you might also decide that it is time to move on to a new company or perhaps become an independent contractor or consultant.

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