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IT Certification FAQ

How Do I Decide Between An MBA Or Certification?

You will have to undertake a difficult task: nailing down your goals. If working in a management capacity is important to you, the MBA might be the way to go, especially if you like to work for large corporations. Keep in mind, however, that an MBA doesn't command as much respect as it used to. That is probably because it has become a more widely held and widely available credential, perhaps losing some of its value in the process.

If, on the other hand, you are seeking increased pay and responsibility but aren't necessarily attracted to the management route, an MBA might not do you a whole lot of good, and certification might be just what you are looking for. People with top technical skills can command a premium in the job market because companies desperately need them to keep up with technology.

The bottom line is that the only person who can decide what sort of career move is best for you, is you. Ranking one opportunity above another is meaningless without doing so in the context of your personal goals and aspirations. you will have to figure out just what those are, research your options with an open mind, and decide for yourself.

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