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IT Certification FAQ

How Will Certification Affect My Marketability?

As long as you choose certifications with your career goals in mind, it should serve admirably as a marketability booster for you or your business. A hiring decision is going to be made during an actual interview process, not based strictly on a resume or marketing proposal; however, first you have to make it into the interview pile. Certifications can make that happen. For individuals, certification training listed on your resume demonstrates your ability and your desire to stay current; this is no small task in an industry where skills can become obsolete as quickly as they became cutting edge. Second, it shows that you take initiative, a trait many employers look for.

Picture a hiring manager sorting through a pile of resumes, searching for clues that elevate one candidate above another. She may have six resumes that indicate the desired experience level and qualifications. Yours includes a certification in just the technology used in the position she's hiring for. Its a no-brainer to slide your resume into the "schedule an interview" pile. That is a successful competitive edge.

For service providers the situation is similar: Your potential client is most likely evaluating multiple companies to fill a contract. Once again, there is a stack of candidates. Some of them feature staff with recognized industry certifications; others do not. Which ones get a more serious look?

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