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IT Certification FAQ

What If I Don't Remember How To Study?

Going back to studying after a long hiatus is rather like programming in a language you haven't used in awhile. At first you may feel hesitant and keep double checking your syntax, function calls and so on, but as you write line after line, your hesitation shrinks and your fingers begin to fly over the keyboard. It's as though an unused section of your brain dusts itself off and clicks back online. Study habits come back the same way.

But what if you never had very good study habits in the first place? Don't worry, it's never too late to learn how to learn. In fact, you may be among the many people who find studying much easier this time around simply because there are specific reasons and personal goals driving your effort. But whether your study brain cells never developed much muscle, or if they are simply a little "dusty," tips and techniques available in how to study books can help you brush up on efficient and effective study habits.

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