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IT Certification FAQ

What is the Future Of Computer Certification?

The value offered by IT certifications today is much different than when they first exploded into popularity in the 1990s. It has been a run marked by a spectacular start, buy explosive growth, and a stormy adolescence. At first the primary attraction was a speedy way to add a beacon-like shine to existing credentials. That stand out effect lasted for a while and boosted a lot of revenue, but as professional certifications became increasingly commonplace in the IT workforce, the star effect began to wane. Soon it seemed like any organization that could spell certification felt qualified to offer one, and cheaters began to game the system. The credibility of IT certifications took a hit, and so did their value.

Fortunately, the organizations and individuals who believe in the true value certifications can provide fought back. They refined the process of developing certifications, implemented guidelines for updating them to keep pace with changes in technology, and developed ways to catch and punish cheaters who would devalue the process. They made IT certification better.

Today certifications offer an expeditious and effective route to keeping skills up to date in a rapidly changing field and a badge to display that shows you are dedicated to doing so. This clearly benefits both those who are delivering IT services and those who are receiving them. The battle to protect and improve what IT certification has to offer is ongoing, but IT certifications are here to stay.

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