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IT Certification FAQ

What Resources Are Available To Help Me With Certification?

You'll encounter a treasure trove of information on the more popular (and better funded) certifications all over the Internet and on the shelves of your nearest mega bookstore. Materials covering lesser-known and newer programs will require more detective work, but frequently available resources include:

  • Internet forums and discussion groups
  • Study guides and text books
  • Self-assessment tests and computer programs
  • Expert instructors
  • Materials provided by the certification sponsor
  • World Wide Web sites
  • And, of course, Get Certified and Get Ahead.

Thanks largely to the Internet, you will be able to access many powerful and useful learning aides right from your computer. If you are not already set up with an Internet connection, this is a good reason to get yourself a modem and sign up for service. you will be giving yourself virtually twenty-four-hour access to others who have obtained your certification already, are in the process of doing so, or who write or teach about it or about related technologies.

There are plenty of offline resources, too. You may have to special order books and study guides, but your certification sponsor will be able to tell you which materials you need and how to obtain them.

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