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IT Certification FAQ

Where Will I Have To Go For Certification Training?

You can go back to school or travel to a training site if you want to, but these days there are so many alternatives that it is unlikely you will have to. You may have to attend some courses at a training center or school if equipment you don't have (such as an Internet server) is used as part of a required, hands-on course. But most of your learning can be done from home, work, nearby independent training centers, or anywhere you can haul your notebook computer or printed study guide. You can thank your own career field for that--computers and technology have freed classes from the classroom. Today, training can be completed in many ways. Learning alternatives include:
  • Self-study texts, workbooks, and videos
  • Computer based training (CBT)
  • Online classes
  • Classes at an authorized or third-party training center
  • Community college programs

These aren't all available for every certification, but usually there are several options to choose from. you will have to decide which ones will work best for you by analyzing your learning style, degree of self-motivation, and other factors.

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