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IT Certification FAQ

Who Benefits From Certification Programs?

Certification programs can benefit people and organizations that work in the computer field, viagra 40mg sell to the computer market, allergist or employ technical people to perform computer-related tasks. Those with the most to gain are:

  • Computer professionals
  • Certification sponsors and their channel partners
  • Employers inside and outside of IT
  • Clients and customers

Virtually any IT professional can reap many benefits from IT certification. The payoffs may come in the form of a salary increase, order better job, added confidence, or additional skills that allow you to move into a new area or perform your current functions more effectively. Course work often includes hands-on exercises with up-to-the-minute software and/or equipment, exposure you might not otherwise have.

Certification sponsors and their channel partners benefit from the deal too. Certification programs generate product and company recognition and enable an increased level of product support. Every IBM Certified System Administrator is a confirmation of the power and importance of IBM, and each channel partner which employs them can provide superior service to their clients.

To employers, certification serves as independent evidence of skills and abilities required to implement their specific needs. It also offers a method for bringing employees up to speed on the latest technologies and a way to provide for the continuing education computer people often crave. Certification training can reasonably be billed as an employee benefit. Research has also shown that certified employees are more satisfied and more productive than their non-certified counterparts.

Clients and customers benefit, too, because a certification gives them additional evidence of your qualifications and suitability for the task at hand. Non-technical clients especially find that reassuring.

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