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IT Certification FAQ

Will Certification Help Me Earn More?

Although increasing income isn't the only reason for obtaining certification, it's certainly a frequently cited motivator.

In some cases, certifications can translate directly into increased rates. For example, a 2011 salary survey by TechRepublic and Global Knowledge reported that individuals who earned a project management certification during the previous five years earned an average of $2,720 more than their counterparts who did not, and 36% of respondents to Certification Magazine's 2009 Salary Survey reported receiving a pay increase after recent certification.

But even when a certification doesn't translate readily into a pay increase, it can be used as an effective tool to accomplish the same thing. Even if you are not a consultant or contractor, as your technical skills grow, you can command a higher paycheck. That's a fundamental of the job market.

If you don't parlay your certification into a raise in the short term, it will, nonetheless, add to your base of knowledge and qualifications, which should pay off in the long term.

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