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Linux Certification FAQ

What are the tests like?

Computer-administered certification exams, like those for LPI, Linux+, and Novell's entry-level Linux certifications, are given at an affiliated test center as described above. On the day of the test you go to the center, present two forms of identification, and sign in. You will be escorted to a quiet room with one or more testing stations. You won't be allowed to bring anything into the room with you but your wits and a wipe-off note board. You'll sign onto the computer using your social security number and the test will begin. You may be required to complete an agreement promising not to reveal the contents of the test before you receive any actual questions. The questions themselves are mostly variations of multiple choice formats. Most certification exams last one to two hours. Passing scores vary depending on the exam but generally hover around 65-70%.

Lab exams, like those required to earn certification from Novell, Red Hat, and SANS typically last at least several hours and often consume a full day. The Red Hat lab exam, for example, includes a one- to two-hour written exam, a two-hour network services configuration lab, and a three-hour troubleshooting lab.

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