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Experts Exchange Partners with Stormwind Studios to Offer World-Class Training to Technology Professionals

San Luis Obispo, CA - May 1, 2017 - Experts Exchange, a leading community for technology professionals dedicated to skill development and knowledge sharing, has partnered with Stormwind Studios in order to bring additional education opportunities to its members. Stormwind Studios is an industry-leading e-learning platform that produces cinema-quality courses for technology professionals. With the addition of this course learning, education comes full circle when coupled with the mentorship provided by Experts Exchange's vast network of technology experts.


The partnership offers Experts Exchange members an extensive library of online courses at exclusive discounted prices in technologies such as Cisco, VMware, Linux, and cybersecurity, as well as benefits in certification exam preparation. Stormwind Studios uses real-world tips and techniques to provide a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter with high-definition quality.


For more than twenty years, Experts Exchange has been a leader in the online question and answer industry and has evolved to offer a wide range of tools and services for technology professionals. This announcement comes in response to a survey of Experts Exchange's 500,000 members, which highlighted an appetite for more online learning.


"Experts Exchange strives to continually provide value for our half a million members," said Gene Richardson, COO of Experts Exchange. "Just under 90% of our members requested access to more training courses in a recent survey and this partnership with Stormwind Studios, with which we can offer members access to top-notch education, is an answer to that request."


Stormwind Studios echoes this sentiment and desire to provide unmatched educational value.


"It's our mission to provide the highest quality, on-demand learning to our customers," said Rob Stephan, Senior VP, Enterprise Sales of Stormwind Studios, "so a partnership with Experts Exchange was a no-brainer. Bringing our courses to a community dedicated to learning and mentorship will widen our reach and benefit the technology community as a whole."


Members can gain access to Stormwind Studios' courses by registering for a membership at Experts Exchange. For the month of May, the CompTIA A+ course will be made available to all premium members and team accounts free of charge.


About Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange is a comprehensive network for technology professionals. The company connects experts with technology users at all levels, solving problems and inspiring learning. Focusing on maintaining a supportive online community, Experts Exchanges ensures a high-quality, reliable experience by vetting performance and rewarding positive feedback. Experts Exchange prides itself on over twenty years in the field, a testament to its credibility and its reliable user base.


About Stormwind Studios

Stormwind Studios provides live, HD quality e-learning courses in technologies such as Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, CompTIA and ITIL. Stormwind Studios uses proprietary technologies in order to create and deliver interactive online training that is truly professional and engaging.