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ISACA Shares Good IoT Governance for Safe and Efficient Deployment 

Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (20 December 2017) – As enterprises look to adopt the most efficient and transformative technologies, ISACA’s recent Digital Transformation Barometer research found that 57 percent of respondents believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a resonant emerging technology, second to AI/machine learning. However, of those polled, 66 percent considers IoT to hold the highest risk potential to their organization, despite its potential to drive innovation. Assessing IoT, the latest white paper from ISACA, takes a deeper dive into the upsides, downsides and emerging ethics from IoT.


“IoT has the potential to completely reshape the way enterprises run their business,” said Rob Clyde, vice-chair of ISACA’s board of directors. “From BYOD opportunities for employees, to technology collaborations, enterprises have a lot to gain but also a lot to lose. By having a solid deployment plan and IT team in place, enterprises put themselves in a position to drive innovation even more.”


When paired correctly with AI/machine learning, the opportunities with IoT are abundant. However, those opportunities also may increase risk for enterprises, and they require a set of disciplines in deploying the technology. ISACA recommends the following to build good IoT governance:


  • Build security and control by design from the start

  • Test controls and look for vulnerabilities by creating and testing use cases and misuse cases

  • Educate those involved that building security alongside functionality by design is essential for IoT

  • Engage experienced IT security and assurance personnel who understand cyber and IoT risks and benefits

  • Replace the isolation of specialists working in silos with collaboration across specialties


ISACA’s new guidance highlights best practices and key takeaways, including:


  • Practical ideas for IT professionals

  • Useful baselines to benchmark IoT solutions

  • Concrete goals to advance secure integration of IoT


For more insights on IoT, access the full white paper as a complimentary download at



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