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TestOut ® Corporation to present at ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida - March 16, 2016 - TestOut, an industry leader in providing online courseware and simulation training and assessments, is presenting at the worldwide testing conference, ATP (Association of Test Publishers) “Innovations in Testing,” taking place in Orlando, Florida on March 20th through the 23rd.


TestOut is disrupting the IT certification industry with their Pro Certification exams. Different than a traditional multiple choice, true/false exam, a TestOut Pro exam is 100% performance-based through TestOut’s simulation technology, which validates whether an individual has important IT skills. Instead of a list of questions, there is a list of real-world, simulated tasks that an individual must complete in order to pass an exam.


“A job in IT is hands-on, so why shouldn’t IT training be the same?”, said Noel Vallejo, CEO of TestOut Corporation. “If all an IT certification does is assess knowledge, then something’s missing. Employers want to know if a candidate can do the job. TestOut Pro exams validate that a student does in fact have IT skills.”


TestOut is continuing its global expansion and striving to develop exams that are applicable around the world, not just the US.


“Making our exams valid and relevant internationally is a challenge we are addressing head on,” said Dave Couganhour, Certification Exam Manager for TestOut and presenter at the conference. “We are performing job task analyses’ (JTA) from job listings in 12 countries currently. From our findings, job roles do vary significantly in different markets.”


TestOut’s goal is to help students gain confidence in their IT skills and abilities and then be able to validate those skills to teachers and employers through assessments and certifications.


“We are unique in the industry because we focus on the student. We want them to be successful at school and in the workforce,” said Vallejo. “We created a learning model and certification which will benefit students even after their training is over.”


Innovations in Testing 2016 is designed to showcase innovations, explore best practices, and present case studies. Now in its 17th year, the conference is one of the largest testing conferences in the world.


“TestOut is excited to be presenting at the conference this year. TestOut is a strong voice in the industry, and we are thrilled to discuss critical topics and network with others on developing tests that are applicable internationally,” said Ladd Timpson, Vice President of Marketing for TestOut. 


Randy Hugie, Exam Developer for, is co-presenting at the conference with TestOut’s exam developers Dave Couganhour and Dan Allen.


About TestOut Corporation

TestOut’s mission is to improve a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology. Founded in 1991, TestOut Corporation is a leader in online training and certification.  Through LabSim® software, its end-to-end experience-based training technology, students gain virtual on-the-job skills that enhance self-confidence and career opportunities. TestOut’s globally recognized simulations exactly mimic real-world IT and office application environments, providing the lessons that only experience can teach. This same technology is used in its TestOut Pro performance-based certifications, giving employers’ confidence that applicants can do the job, knowing their skills have been validated in a virtual hands-on environment. For more information, visit