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TestOut Corporation Unveils Redesigned Website

PLEASANT GROVE, UTAH, April 18, 2017 — TestOut, a leader in online, experience-based training and certifications, today launched its redesigned website,, a critical part of their strategy to simplify and improve user experience and align the website with its mission to make a difference in a student’s life.


TestOut New Site

Courtesy of TestOut Corporation.


The new design features a simplified navigation making it easier for users to find the resources they are looking for. Utilizing modern responsive design and front-end technologies, the new web site optimizes the users experience across desktop and mobile devices.


“With this redesign, not only are we refreshing the look and feel of the website, but also communicating clearly who we are and what we care about,” said Ladd Timpson, TestOut Executive Leadership Board. “Making a difference in a person’s life is at our core as a company. We are providing valuable information and resources to help students achieve success in their lives, while also providing critical resources for instructors.”


Additionally, TestOut’s LabSim® courseware is featured as the foundation for experience-based learning. Beyond training videos, text lessons, and test prep, TestOut’s LabSim courseware includes simulations for integrated hardware, networking, as well as operating systems and desktop applications that exactly mimic the real world.


Also featured are TestOut’s performance-based certifications that let students apply the skills they’ve learned to real-world job situations. TestOut’s training courses prepare students for industry certifications including its own 100% performance based Pro Certifications. These certifications are key in helping students land a job and are at the heart of the company’s mission to make a difference in a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology.


Highlights of the redesign include:


● A cleaner, more engaging look
● Simplified navigation
● Responsive design optimized for both desktop and mobile devices
● A clear focus on helping students on their path to employment
● Updated information on 100% performance based Pro Certifications
● Articles telling the story of TestOut Pro certified individuals and how TestOut’s training and certifications played a key role in their success.


About TestOut Corporation
TestOut’s mission is to improve a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology. Founded in 1991, TestOut Corporation is a leader in online training and certification. Through LabSim® software, its end-to-end experience-based training technology, students gain virtual on-the-job skills that enhance self-confidence and career opportunities. TestOut’s globally recognized simulations exactly mimic real-world IT and office application environments, providing the lessons that only experience can teach. This same technology is used in its TestOut Pro performance-based certifications, giving employers’ confidence that applicants can do the job, knowing their skills have been validated in a virtual hands-on environment. For more information, visit