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Understanding Hackers the Key to Avoid Becoming a Target 

Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (6 April 2017) – What motivates hackers, and what are they afraid of?


Getting answers to those questions is at the heart of threat intelligence, a key tool in the fight against hackers and their efforts to compromise systems. Threat intelligence includes an understanding of the hacker’s true nature.


“Hackers exploit our systems bringing unmeasurable losses to businesses, individuals and the society. And they are winning. How do we stop them more effectively? We need to study their patterns, goals and social habits to make their ill gains more difficult and unfeasible,” said Alex Holden, founder and chief information security officer of Hold Security, LLC. “Through real-life examples, we need to learn how hackers pick their targets and how to make our infrastructures less attractive targets for them.”


Holden, credited with the discovery of many high-profile breaches, including Adobe Systems, JPMorgan and the Target breach, will present on “Threat Intelligence—Exploiting Hackers” at ISACA’s 2017 North America Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) Conference, which will take place 1-3 May in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Holden shared five tips for building and improving threat intelligence:


  • Gain better understanding of hackers' motivation.

  • Understand mitigation techniques to latest attacks.

  • Build effective defenses against real threats.

  • Learn how to outsmart hackers in their own game.

  • Improve and strengthen access management.


Details on these tips and more will be shared at North America CACS next month.


“We are not going to be afraid of the unknown,” said Holden. “There are viable steps to formulate a plan to deter hackers—to make them turn away at the door, and even if they try their virtual assault, to ensure they are met with alarms and proactive actions specific to their attack type.”


Holden is quick to point out, “There are no universal hacker deterrents, but there are ways to slow down their advances over time.”


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