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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 4)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft Learning lists the benefits to employers of certification, ISACA hits a certification milestone, and more.

Microsoft Sends Smoke Signal to IT Employers: H-I-R-E C-E-R-T-I-F-I-E-D


Executive offering a handshakeWe often talk about the benefits of certification to IT workers, but it's less common to hurl that same pitch at the businesses and organizations in search of skilled IT professionals. A new post this week to Microsoft Learning's Born To Learn blog hits the strike zone, however, ticking off four reasons that employers would be wise to bring certified professionals into the fold. For starters, blogger Tisha Hardester says that a recent study of IT employers by International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that certified employees are more productive. They can tackle complex challenges with aplomb and are also good at supporting and mentoring less well trained coworkers. Certification reportedly also lessens workplace risk, improves business agility and reduces the need to rehire staff. Want to be a better — and more valued — employee? Get a certification.


CompTIA Specifies 12 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016


We've been in 2016 for nearly an entire month, but 'tis still the season, it would seem, to forecast IT conditions for the year ahead. The latest organization to hold up a finger and test the winds of fortune and glory is IT industry association CompTIA. The findings detailed are from CompTIA's own IT Industry Outlook 2016, an annual digest of findings from an online survey of IT industry executives and working professionals conducted in December. The total number of IT industry companies represented in the survey is 673. Among the trends of interest from the study, CompTIA predicts that tech policy will be a hot-button issue in the U.S. presidential election, and cloud computing may soon become as ubiquitous as electricity. The full 43-page report is available free of charge to registered CompTIA members.


CIW Says IT Salaries and Hiring Are on the Rise in 2016


Sticking to the crystal ball segment of this week's IT news roundup, we find that Certification Partners, which administers the broad-based CIW certification program, is also optimistic about the IT industry outlook for 2016. Citing employment research by tech hiring titan Robert Half Technology and statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CIW team says that IT pros who hit the job market in the coming year can expect to receive multiple offers, and that employers are upping the salary ante across the board. Database Administration, Web Development and IT security are all predicted to be both hiring and salary hotspots. So if you're looking for a direction to take your IT career, or seeking out new certifications, then there's now some guidance as to where you should put your money down.


Cisco Says Cyberattacks Are Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated


Don't look now, but the forces of cybercrime are creeping up behind your internet connection and looking for a way into your system. And they're getting better than ever at breaking in without your even knowing that there's an intruder on the cyberpremises. So says the Annual Security Report issued last week by Cisco. The IT networking giant says that security, in 2016, has to be "an integral part of every business strategy." Over at Cisco Learning Network, the certification arm of Cisco, there's a 9-minute video featuring Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and CISO John Stewart discussing the findings of the report and its ramifications for those both in the working world and the private sector. There are also several paragraphs of transcription highlighting some of the key points, for those who are in a hurry. Cisco has some popular security certs, so if you've been thinking about taking your networking career in that direction, then you can surely find guidance from Cisco along that path as well.


ISACA Rings in the New Year with Certification Milestone


Speaking of cybersecurity certification, security and governance association ISACA blew past a significant certification milestone earlier this month. ISACA curates four major certs (and is in the process of launching a fistful of others through its Cybersecurity Nexus intiative), including one that's become a prominent cybersecurity credential since its introduction in 2002. The organization has now awarded its 30,000th Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) credential. CISM was the top-paying cert in the Salary Survey 75 list issued last year by Certificaiton Magazine and is a key credential for IT security professionals.


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