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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 20)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft Learning says IT certification makes you stronger, CompTIA reveals five things you never knew about A+, and more.

Microsoft Wants You to Get Certified and Get the Benefits


Kicking backIn 1985, John Cusack was Better Off Dead. In 2009, Jay Harrington was Better Off Ted. (Which never got the audience it deserved, incidentally. Watch it streaming on Amazon, or grab the discs from Netflix; you'll thank us later.) In 2017, Microsoft Learning says that you are better off certified. (Emphasis on the last syllable, of course.) Here at GoCertify, naturally, we're big believers in the benefits of IT certification, so we never pass up an opportunity to share whenever someone else is preaching the good word. Microsoft Learning fires off six big benefits of certification in a brand new post at the Born To Learn Blog. First among the positives given is educational and career momentum. Since certification requires a concerted effort, you build up a head of steam while you're engaged. Suddenly, that next big project at work, or looming educational obstacle, doesn't seem so intimidating. It's worth taking the time to consider all six positives. One thing that's clear: If you aren't certifying, then you are missing out.


Cisco Says Security Professionals Are Better Off TED


Do you know TED? No, TED's not the guy on the fourth floor who always brings his bike up to his cubicle. And no, TED is not the scruffy bro behind the counter at Starbucks who always spells your name wrong. TED is the long-running (founded in 1990!) Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) gathering held annually originally in Long Beach, Calif., and since 2014 in Vancouver. (There are numerous TED satellite events held around the globe and scattered throughout the calendar.) TED became famous for the videotaped speeches given by various visionaries and thinkers, commonly called "TED talks," that address just about any topic you can think of. One topic that many presenters have thought of is information security. And Talking Tech with Cisco blogger Gary Pfitzer, over at Cisco Learning Network, has taken the time to gather up links to seven such mini-lectures. Pfitzer's post is a follow-up to a similar 2016 blog in which he ennumerated 10 TED talks about security. All of you security enthusiasts out there looking for some food for thought now have lots to chew on.


ISACA Blogger Offers Tips to Get Young Minds Fired Up About IT


IT needs an infusion of youth, but young minds can be fickle. Kids often grow up pretending to be cowboys or astronauts, but it's considerably more rare to see them playing games in which one child has to develop some software, or build a computer network. As blogger Larry Alton puts it in a new post at the ISACA Now Blog operated by security and governance association ISACA, "IT isn’t exciting in the sense that you get to fight fires or hit a 95-mph fastball in front of 40,000 fans." Alton contends, however, that there are still simple steps that can be taken to attract the talent needed for IT to continue to thrive. For one thing, you need to seek out young people where they are. Which is, increasingly, online. In particular, Alton says social media is a key avenue to the recruitment of prospective IT talent. The IT workforce needs to get younger in a major way, so Alton's ideas and other solutions along the same lines are critical.