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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 25)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, a training and certification company puts its money where its mouth is, CIO salutes a lineup of 13 MVP tech certifications, and more.

Your Job-Ready Skills Are Guaranteed When You Certify With TestOut


Skills guaranteeThere are, let's face it, a lot of IT certifications out there. The sheer volume of credentials that get waved in the face of tech recruiters and other IT hiring personnel is one reason why some in the industry don't put much stock in certifications. Who can keep up with them all? Standing out the from the crowd takes creative thinking, and there's an impressive dose of that presently on display from certification and training provider TestOut, which offers its own certifications in addition to providing training for credentials offered by a variety of other vendors. TestOut's Pro certifications — PC Pro, Security Pro, Network Pro, and so forth — aren't as well known as some in the industry, so TestOut is literally putting its money where its mouth is. For a limited time (March 30 through Aug. 17), TestOut is offering a unique guarantee to employers, and on behalf of certificants. If you have a TestOut Pro cert in your pocket and you get hired within the window noted above, TestOut will guarantee to your employer that your certified skills are job-ready. Or what? Or the company pays up. As much as $1,000. (Terms and conditions apply.) That's a pretty impressive display of corporate self-confidence. And if you hit your next job interview with a Pro cert in hand, it just might be what gets you hired.


Oracle Certification Reveals Secret Job Search Asset


Almost everyone who works in IT has probably experienced a degree of frustration, at some point, over the process of finding and securing employment. Nobody likes job hunting, and it's likely that no two people pursue it in an identical fashion. There are some universal tricks of the trade, however, and Oracle Certification marketing manager Eva Chase took to the interwebs last week to blog about one that many may tend to overlook. Have you been using Twitter to look for your next full-time IT gig? A casual conversation with a Boston-based IT recruiter alerted Chase to the potential benefits of using what many probably view as being somewhat of a social media tagalong when it comes to job seeking, neither as impactful or as relied-upon as close cousins LinkedIn and Facebook. Time to change that way of thinking? Chase says yes.


Cement Mason Lays New Career Foundation with Certification


Certification success stories are a favorite here at Certification Watch, and the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA is a reliable storyteller. There's a particularly engaging account there this week that details the experience of a Canadian worker who was forced to pursue an entirely different career path after developing a respiratory condition from years of heavy industrial labor. Following a brief reskilling interlude that got him a fistful of CompTIA certifications, Lucas Block left behind heavy industry for good and now works in troubleshooting for telecom giant Avaya. It's a fun story, and you should definitely click over to the IT Career News blog for the full details. The power of certification is real, people.