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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 30)

Get Discounted Certification Exams at Upcoming Oracle Events


CW 07 26 100 dollarsSpeaking, as we just were, of Oracle Certification, here's a reminder to the fiscally savvy: Oracle's annual conferences are approaching and that means just one thing: Ahoy, mateys! Thar be certification discounts on the horizon. Conference and conventions are often an excellent source of savings for those looking to get certified, and the side-by-side Oracle events set to be held Oct. 1-5 in San Francisco are no exception. All attendees at the simultaneously occurring Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne conferences can get a $100 exam voucher with their conference registration. So if you've been meaning to pin down an elusive Oracle certification, and you're already planning to visit San Francisco in October, well, why not get certified at the same time that you're enjoying the city by the bay?


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