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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 31)

Microsoft Learning Continues to Expand Its Big Data Offerings


Microsoft Learning, the certification and training arm of the global software titan, has been moving full speed ahead into Big Data with a variety of educational offerings to entice eager learners. Its latest Big Data beachhead is a series of courses that each provide training on various Microsoft Big Data technologies. There are Azure Data Services offerings, SQL Server offerings, Microsoft Data Platform & Analytics offerings, and more. There may not be free college education in America yet, but Microsoft seems to be doing its darnedest to turn Microsoft Virtual Academy into a free/low-cost option for training and education about nearly every IT topic under the sun.


Find Your People: Putting Together a Professional Network


CW 0802 power handshakeEverywhere you go in IT, you are bound to meet and interact with other IT professionals. Not everyone is going to be a friend for life, but almost all of those individuals have the potential to, at some critical juncture or another, influence and/or enable your progression along whatever IT career path you've chosen to follow. So don't just shrug and let the world pass you by. In a new article at, the online avatar of Certification Magazine, IT lifer Nathan Kimpel (a frequent contributor to GoCertify) makes a compelling case for taking a little time to grow yourself a flourishing professional network. Kimpel shares some of his own experiences and lays out a formula that any IT professional can follow to surround himself or herself with a supportive cadre of like-minded individuals. No one can predict his or her professional future with certainty, but you can prepare for curveballs and U-turns down the road by making connections with others now.


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