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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 34)

Take the New Security Certification Survey from CertMag


CW 082317 woman using laptopSpeaking of Certification Magazine and its surveys, there's another out there, this time aimed at information security professionals. The new survey is a departure from recent practice in that the CertMag survey masters are not gathering salary data. The new surveying regime, apparently, is to concentrate all of the magazine's salary surveying efforts into the big annual Salary Survey conducted each year in autumn. The in-between surveys that fill up the pages of the other magazines printed during the year, formerly called Salary Survey PLUS, will continue to focus on particular IT disciplines, but will no longer duplicate the salary data gathering of the annual Salary Survey. At any rate, the new survey is out there, and the usual reward of a free digital issue of the magazine, or a heavily discounted print subscription, is being offered to anyone who completes it.


Training Industry Names Top Training Providers


This next one is not a strictly IT news item, but it does encompass certain IT realms. Training Industry, a media group devoted to coverage of skills and employment training, has released its very first annual list of the Top 20 Training Delivery Companies. Inclusion on the list results from a formula that considers the following features:

● Value of platform features and capabilities
● Quality of analytics and reporting
● Company size and growth potential
● Quality of clients
● Geographic and vertical reach

Though it has issues other ranking in the past, this is the first time that Training Industry has issued a list characterized by the ability of a training provider to disseminate and distribute its products. Notable IT training providers on the list include Adobe and Learning at Cisco.


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