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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 37)

(ISC)² Report Finds That Many Security Professionals Are Not Fully Utilized


CW 0913 Blue locksAs we continue to sprint through what's become an All Cybersecurity, All the Time edition of Certification Watch, (ISC)² has released a new study which finds that organizations aren't getting enough out of one of their most valuable information security assets: people. The new report, creatively titled "IT Professionals are a Critically Underutilized Resource for Cybersecurity," doesn't exactly bury the lead. Based on responses to the (ISC)²-led 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, the reports essentially finds that security-hungry organizations are largely overlooking the gifts of trained personnel already on staff. Quoted in a press release, (ISC)² CEO David Shearer notes that instead of racing to hire more people, or implement fancy new software and hardware solutions, organizations should instead focus on training existing staff and more widely implementing cybersecurity best practices. There are some other engaging data points to peruse, so head to the report. And remember, sometimes the answer to all (well, some) of your problems is something you already have.


ISACA Warns That Equifax Breach is Far From Over


The hackers got in, got a rich trove of data, and got out. Somewhere between eight and 10 weeks later, Equifax Inc. discovered the breach of its system, and then several weeks after that finally got around to, you know, telling everyone else. Yet although the thieves has long vanished, the impact of their nefarious work is just beginning to be felt. Writing at the ISACA Now Blog of security and governance association ISACA, Hold Security president Alex Holden warns that there is much, much more to come from the very bad news that all of us got on Sept. 8. In other words, don't let your guard down, and be very careful about accepting help from Equifax.


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