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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 38)

Microsoft Wants to Help You Get You Bots in a Row


CW 9 20 Bot developersNot literally. There are probably far more useful things for your bots to be doing than arranging themselves in a precise line. In the spirit of that figurative expression about ducks, however, Microsoft wants you to be able to develop and deploy your bots in the most effective and efficient manner you can. In case you're wondering: A "bot" is an application that performs an automated task. There's a sinister side to the world of bots, which are often deployed by hackers, but the Microsoft Learning team wants to advise and encourage people who are creating helpful and productive bots. Which is why they're giving a shout-out to the excellent bot training available from Microsoft Virtual Academy.


You Don't Have to Spend Big on Big Data Certification Training


The study and training phase that comes before most certification exams — the part where you actually learn the stuff you'll be tested on — can be expensive. Between study guides, practice exams, online learning platforms, workshops, seminars, and the like, you can more or less spend as much money as you have. On the other hand, certified professionals don't always, or even often, break the bank to pay for study and training aids, whether of the self-guided or instructor-managed variety. That's the finding expressed in a new report from the recent survey of certified Big Data professionals conducted by Certification Magazine. A brief dispatch to reveals that IT professionals, by and large, can be downright penurious when it comes to paying for training. It's something to bear in mind the next time that you're contemplating the size (or lack thereof) of your IT training budget.


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