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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 1)

Microsoft Learning Adds Track to Microsoft Professional Program


IT support specialists are in high demand.A key goal of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) created by Microsoft Learning is to build up the global IT workforce in areas of critical need. Earlier today, the MPP program announced a key expansion with the addition of an education and training track devoted entirely to IT Support. As we just learned from CompTIA, technical support specialists are projected to remain in high demand for some time to come. Microsoft is also acknowledging this reality with the creation of its new MPP IT Support specialization. Also of interest to job seekers is the fact that IT Support is entirely welcoming to IT "beginners." You don't need years of accumulated IT knowledge or skills to jump into the IT Support program and quickly emerge with job-ready skills. Job-ready skills that can get you to the front of the hiring line for the more than 400,000 open support positions worldwide. Support services may become automated eventually, but at the moment there's still a healthy demand for human workers.


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