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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 18)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Red Hat braces for the biggest Red Hat Summit ever in San Francisco, CertMag says a successful certification program is like a three-legged stool, and more.

Red Hat Set to Hold Largest Red Hat Summit Ever


San Francisco at nightHow much open source excitement can one California metropolis contain? We're about to find out. In what sounds like 50 percent of the pitch for an IT version of the next Sharknado movie, Red Hat is expecting thousands of open source enthusiasts to flock to San Francisco next week for what company officials say will be the largest Red Hat Summit ever. (The flying sharks and weather-initiated mayhem are the other 50 percent.) The 2018 gathering marks the 14th such occasion for the Linux-fueled open source giant, and there should be plenty to keep attendees occupied over an action-packed three-day agenda that whirs into motion on Tuesday. (That's consideration for you: Red Hat will wrap things up just in time for conferencegoers to enjoy a three-day weekend in the City by the Bay before flying home.) In addition to keynote addresses from both tech industry insiders and corporations that use enterprise technology, there will be more than 300 breakout sessions and labs, a 25th anniversary bash with '90s rock leftovers Weezer, an artistic smorgasbord known as Open Hat Stories, and more. If you're planning to attend, pack accordingly. And throw in some shark repellent while you're at it. Just in case.


Microsoft Reminds IT Pros of Windows 10 Certification


Now that the business development goals of Microsoft are pivoting away from its flagship Windows operating system and becoming more focused on the company's Azure cloud platform and its Office 365 business and personal productivity suite, IT pros might be inclined to abandon their Windows 10 certification efforts. The company isn't dropping Windows altogether, of course — much like the rest of the computing world — and there will continue to be demand for skilled Windows professionals. Over at Microsoft Learning's Born To Learn Blog, program manager Selina Winter is ringing the bell for Windows 10 certification this week, touting the career benefits of keeping your Windows 10 skill set sharp. It takes two exams to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 10 certification, and Microsoft Learning has lots of training and study helps and recommendations.


CompTIA Touts Benefits of Recertification


Eat your vegetables, brush your teeth, and keep your certifications current. Three recommendations that can help both kids and IT pros excel in life. There are some who might dispute the importance of that third item, but tech industry association CompTIA is decidedly not part of that group. In a post at the end of last week to CompTIA's IT Career News blog, blogger Amy Hamblin illustrates the importance of keeping certifications up-to-date — CompTIA requires most of its credentials to be renewed every three years — with the story of defense contractor David McKay. Longtime readers of Certification Watch know that we're a sucker for a good personal anecdote around here, and McKay's account begins as a tale of woe, but has just the sort of certification-affirming happy ending that Hollywood is always looking for.


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