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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 29)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cisco Learning Network outlines the top traits of terrific tech professionals, Microsoft Learning drops some knowledge about its Azure certifications, and more.

Cisco Learning Network Reveals Ten Traits of Top Tech Performers


Cisco Learning Network wants to help you mold yourself into a top tech professional.Is there anybody out there who doesn't love a good list? We submit to you that there is not. We also submit to you this week's top finding of the Good List and Ennumerated Essentials Division, courtesy of blogger Mark Leary and Cisco Learning Network's Talking Tech with Cisco blog. Leary says it takes a special performer to rise to the topmost tier of the tech workforce, and he's identified some of the characteristics required. For example, you can make yourself stand out by building a deep reserve of software fluency and technical proficiency. Sure, that seems obvious when you say it, but some workers meet that description and others don't. (One excellent way to continually broaden and deepen your stockpile of knowledge and skills: certification.) Another valued trait: deep faith in tech products and a strong ability to explain how they function, what they do, and why they are essential to business success. In a word, you need to be a convincing "evangelist" for your company's products. If you're looking for ways to heighten your employability, then it's worth checking out Leary's full list.


CompTIA Has Many Resources to Help Tech Professionals Succeed


Speaking of lists, there's another good one available this week over at the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA. One of CompTIA's foremost missions is to provide tech professionals with an array of career growth and development tools. The new post is a quick hits rundown, a sprint through a dozen ways that CompTIA can help you move forward in your IT career. CompTIA's portfolio of IT certifications is first on the list, naturally, followed by the CertMaster tools that help prospective certificants achieve their aims. There are plenty of other solid resources, however, including one or two that even savvy IT pros may not have on their long-term radar, such at the IT Careers newsletter that can deliver helpful advice to your inbox every month.


ISACA Blogger Raises Red Flag About Social Media


Social media has increased its reach exponentially even just since the 2010 release of The Social Network, the David Fincher-directed movie about Facebook, which famously used the tagline, "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies." Today it's 2 billion friends (on Facebook, anyway), and the enemies, unlike what the movie's advertising had in mind, include everyone from hackers to people not directly associated with your brand — who can still do damage to your social standing. A Monday post to the ISACA Now Blog of security and governance association ISACA touches on the latter danger with a timely example from 2017, when protesters in Charlottsville, Va., unexpectedly dragged the name of lawn-and-garden torch maker TIKI through the mud. The company attempted to defend itself on Twitter ... where it has garnered just 819 followers since first appearing in 2009. Blogger Nejolla Korris will be addressing the topic of social media risk in depth at next month's ISACA-hosted GRC Conference in Nashville, Tenn. Sounds like there's still time to make plans to attend.