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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 3)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, there's still time to get a free certification T-shirt from Microsoft Learning, CompTIA has a 2018 watchlist, and more.

Microsoft Learning: Get Certified and Get a Free Shirt


Fly dude with T shirtApparently someone at Microsoft Learning, the certification and training arm of software titan Microsoft, has been cleaning out some closets. And apparently we here at Certification Watch have been asleep at the wheel. To explain further: Microsoft Learning and Pearson VUE are in the midst of a certification promotion that promises a free T-shirt to anyone who takes a Microsoft certification exam before Jan. 31. We should have let you know about this sooner because, well, that's what we do around here. So yeah, sometime around Dec. 20, when the promotion kicked off, we must have been sleeping off an egg nog hangover under the mistletoe (or something like that). There's still time to act, of course, especially if you've already been studying up for your next Microsoft certification, but haven't gotten around to taking the exam just yet. You can tell the shirt it worth it, because Microsoft Learning is calling it an "awesome," T-shirt, and also because there's a picture of it on the page linked above. We think you'll agree that someone, somewhere found a stash of old T-shirts and figured, "Well, we can dump these on Goodwill, or hey, who knows, maybe certified professionals will want them!"


Cybersecurity Is Important ... and So Is Remembering to Lock the Door


It's pretty much cybersecurity first, last, and always in the totally freaked out and breach-battered IT industry right now. If you aren't cleaning up from a hack that compromised your company's massive data cache, then it's probably only because no one realizes that you've been hacked yet. Sorry, um, that didn't come out sounding as reassuring as we'd intended. At any rate, blogger Anna Johannson dropped by the ISACA Now Blog of security and governance association ISACA at the end of last week to remind everybody that cybersecurity is not the only security that demands attention from your organization's appointed IT guardians. Physical security, Johannson writes, is also of critical importance, particularly when it comes to your data center, the beating heart that hackers are out to stab. For example, does your data center have adequate redundant utilities? What's the backup plan if your primary source of electricity goes down? Johannson's post outline five important tips for maintaining phsyical security. It's a worthwhile reminder that IT vigilance must extend beyond simply maintaining effective software defenses.


Yes, Certifications Still Matter


Are certifications still relevant? The question comes up ad nauseam in the IT certification world, and that fact alone means that it's probably worth putting up with the neverending discussion. No matter how many times the question is asked, however, someone is always ready to answer in the affirmative. This week, it's EC-Council, the cybersecurity association widely known for its popular Certified Ethical Hacker credential. OK, yeah, EC-Council probably think certifications, including its own, are worthwhile. It's always good to know the arguments for and against, however, and a new interview with EC-Council founder Jay Bavisi hits all of the familiar notes.