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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 6)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, an ISACA blogger explains how to master the CISM certification exam, Certification Magazine identifies 50 Most Wanted credentials, and more.

Here's What It Takes to Get CISM Certified


What does it take to get ISACA's CISM credential?Here at Certification Watch we love a good personal story about the merits and impact of certification, as well as the methods of studying for and passing an exam. As demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals increases by the day, we especially like to hear about cybersecurity certification experiences. So an entry to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA that appeared at the end of last week pushes all of our buttons. Small business owner David Tuckman explains his rationale for recently earning ISACA's Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) credential. Tuckman also goes into detail about the process he followed to study for and pass the exam, including listing specific training materials and giving detailed recommendations about how to approach the process. His post provides an excellent thumbnail sketch for anyone contemplating a new certification challenge (much of his advice is broadly applicable), and it's always enlightening to read about how IT certification affects others.


CompTIA Introduces New Career Pathway: Infrastructure


Many people don't embark into the professional realm after college (or high school) with clear goals and a well-defined career pathway in mind. Without intending to follow a directionless drift, they get a job and eventually progress onward, and hopefully upward, to the next job after that. Seat-of-the-pants navigation of the workforce eventually resembles a career path often only in retrospect. Tech industry association CompTIA has expended a lot of effort over the past year or two on organizing its certifications into linear progressions that can help indecisive strivers find and follow a broad career outline. The latest link in that chain is what's been dubbed the Infrastructure Pathway, a movie that lines up Linux+, Server+, and Cloud+. There's an excellent article at CompTIA's IT Career News blog that lays out the whithers and wherefores of taking up this newly-minted outline and eventually embedding oneself in the increasingly vital IT infrastructure that defines modern life. If you're preparing to dive into the IT river and would like to do more than just drift on the current, then it's worth checking out CompTIA's recommendations.


From IT Employee to the Executive Washroom


For as long as computers have been a going concern in the moden workplace, there's been an aura of mystique surrounding the Guy Who Knows How to Run the Computer System. Tech specialists are often seen as being either cogs in the system, or unapproachable guardians of arcane wisdome. Either way, it's not often the fact that you turn to the helpdesk in search of management material. A new post this week to the IT and Technical Training blog at Training Industry seeks to refute this misperception, arguing that strong tech workers can, given the right blend of guidance, training, and opportunity, become excellent corporate leaders. Skilled IT professionals are often at a premium, with demand coming from all sectors of the moden business realm. In that light, helping to groom skilled IT workers to take on a large role can be a big win for their employers, as well as demonstrating attractive commitment to potential hires.