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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 9)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, (ISC)² says quite a few cybersecurity workers may have one foot out the door, CompTIA puts its head in the (employment) clouds, and more.

(ISC)² Says Cybersecurity Workers are Exploring Their Options


A new report from (ISC)² says cybersecurity workers are exploring their options.More or less every week now, there is new news about the global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Usually the focus is on companies and organizations who would like to get some, but this week's trumpet blast is ominously focused on a more fortunate group: companies and organizations who have them already. According to a recent survey of cybersecurity workers in the United States and Canada conducted by global cybersecurity association (ISC)², cybsecurity professionals know they have options. Just 15 percent of those who responded to the survey said they have no plans to switch jobs in 2018. At the opposite end of the spectrum, 14 percent are actively seeking new employment, while in between are an astonishing 70 percent who would be open to new opportunities. As always, it would seem that cybersecurity is an excellent place to be for people who like having options (and receiving generous compensation). If you're looking for a new direction in which to take your IT career, definitely don't rule out cybersecurity certification.


Many Online Learning Options for Aspiring Ethical Hackers


While we're on the subject of cybersecurity employment and certification, a role that has been consistently popular for some time now, and even occasionally gets a dash of glamour from Hollywood, is that of ethical hacker. Good guys, that is, who learn to behave like bad guys in the name of helping companies and organizations to shore up weak cyberdefenses. And what more fitting way to learn the rudiments and basic skills than by training online? A recent blog post at VPNMentor recommends five top online training options, in particular, to get the educational juices flowing. EC-Council, which curates the top-tier Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential, naturally makes the list — though not, interestingly enough, in the top spot. That honor goes to Cybrary, the online learning nexus that launched in 2015 and provides free training and education largely via MOOCs. There's a bonus sixth recommendation as well: After VPNMentor posted its original picks, a flood of readers contacted the site to chime in about an important resource that blogger David Bisson had missed.


Cisco Releases Annual Cybersecurity Report


As you can tell, we here at recently renamed Cybersecurity Certification Watch are flailing like mad to keep our head above water with this week's flood of cybersecurity news. Joining in the general onslaught, the Talking Tech with Cisco blog at Cisco Learning Network, the training and certification arm of networking titan Cisco, is taking a deep dive into Cisco's newly available Annual Cybersecurity Report for 2018. TTwC blogger Gary Pfitzer says that the new report pivots from malware, last year's top threat, to the fast burgeoning epidemic of cyrptoworms like WannaCry and Nyetya. The report is mostly free: You have to give up a few items of data (the usual suspects, including your name and e-mail address) in order to download it.