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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 1)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA celebrates an impressive anniversary, the Linux Foundation wants to help you get trained and certified in 2019, and more.

ISACA Achieves Major Milestone in 2019


ISACA is celebrating 50 years of IT awesomeness in 2019.All the way back in 1969, seven hard-working IT professionals — at a time long before the initialism "IT" really meant anything at all — in Los Angeles, Calif., came together to form the Electronic Data Processing Auditors Association. Without any purpose more dramatic than to establish authoritative guidelines for their profession, those hardy few laid the foundation for an organization that now includes 220 chapters and roughly 20,000 times as many members. In 2019, ISACA is a major force for information technology auditing, governance, and cybersecurity, and its flagship certifications are some of the best-known (and most generously compensated) credentials in the entire IT realm. That sort of longevity and accomplishment calls for celebration, and ISACA has plans to commemorate 50 years of IT awesomeness in style. The aforelinked post to the ISACA Now Blog by board chairman Rob Clyde dispenses details and encourages interested parties to join in the fun. Congratulations to all of the good folks at ISACA and best wishes for a banner 50th year!


Become a Tech Support Specialist


As computer systems and computing devices have become increasingly ubiquitous in recent decades, once-revered technical support specialists have greatly diminished in the annals of professional esteem. Instead of being revered as a minor deity, the average tech support pro is often now viewed as being a borderline tolerable if still essential minor nuisance. And yet, when a computer fails to function as anticipated, most people still expect to get immediate rectification from the guy or gal who knows stuff about things when it comes to computers. Hence, the first of the periodic "Your Next Move" career advice capsules to appear in 2019 at the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA is a shout out to technical support specialists. Occasionally (and quietly) derided as they may be, most people still need at least occasional intervention from a computer support specialist to function in their jobs. Tech support is still an honorable profession that, in the right circumstances, pays quite well.


Choose the Right Oracle Database Certification


Database management firm Oracle and its extensive library of professional certifications are widely known and strongly reputed across the IT industry. Said library of professional certifications is actually so extensive, however, that it can be intimidating to newcomers and career switchers. Where to begin? At the tail-end of 2018, marketing manager Eva Chase posted a helpful infographic to the Oracle Certification Blog, along with some bullet-pointed advice applicable to anyone pondering the career impact of an Oracle certification and preparing to move forward. If you're looking for more extensive advice, there's a slightly musty, faintly dog-eared article by Oracle expert Matthew Morris right here at GoCertify to help you discover the right point at which to plunge into the labyrinth.


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