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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 14)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA launches its newly overhauled single-exam Linux+ certification, Certification Magazine has more advice about creating your own certification program, and more.

CompTIA Switches to Single-Exam Format in Latest Linux+ Overhaul


CompTIA has just launched its newest Linux+ certification exam.Spring is traditionally one of those times of year when everything old becomes new again, so it's in keeping with the general vibe that tech industry association CompTIA has just released the newest version of its Linux+ certification. Most CompTIA credentials are on a (roughly) three-year refresh cycle, and the latest overhaul of Linux+ brings with it a not insignificant switcheroo: CompTIA has ditched the old dual-exam format and, moving forward, will only require Linux+ certification candidates to pass a single exam. Those who aren't already deeply in the know about Linux and have wondered what to make of the versatile, long-established open source OS can get some perspective from a new post to CompTIA's IT career news blog. Blogger Oliver Bailey discusses the rise of Linux and offers career pointers for those interested in gaining employment via Linux expertise.


Virtual Labs Can Help Save on IT Training Costs


It's frequently suggested in IT education circles that the best way to learn this or that new technology is to get some hands-on practice. Let's say that you want to learn how to build, upgrade, and repair a computer network. Most people, whatever their learning style, are going to have far more success learning the steps and committing them to memory by actually creating a network using real components. Such live training can be expensive, of course, which is one reason for the increasing popularity of high-fidelity simulations deployed in virtual labs. A new post to the IT and Technical Training blog over at Training Industry weighs the pros and cons of using virtual labs to simulate live equipment. IT educators, for example, can offer "hands-on" training with either needing to acquire expensive equipment, or set up various learning scenarios. Students mistakes no longer have the potential to damage expensive equipment, and instructors have more flexibility to monitor progress and provide helpful interaction. It's not all sunshine and roses, of course: If you're interested in virtual lab learning, then click over for further insight about the postive and negative aspects of this increasingly popular approach.


Get Certified in Oracle Financial Cloud


Oracle Certification, the training and certification arm of database titan Oracle, already has a vast library of certifications. Now there's a new addition to that already extensive program. Five new certifications are available to help you assert your mastery of Oracle Financials Cloud, the company's "complete financial management solution." You can now verify expertise using General Ledger Cloud, Payables Cloud, Receiveables and Collections Cloud, Revenue Management Cloud, and Accounting Hub Cloud.


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