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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 14)

Domo Launches Certification Program


Dig deep into data analytics with Domo certification.Speaking, as we just were, or newly available certifications, cloud-based OS provider Domo recently moved into the IT certification neighborhood with five new certifications of its own. Domo, part of the thriving tech scene in Utah, wants to help IT and business professionals improve their fluency in the booming Big Data realm. The company is now offering two levels of data fluency certification for "business professionals," and three levels of data fluency certification for "data professionals." Certification exams are scheduled to debut in June — you can register now to get more information later — and data professionals at the first two levels of certification will earn the title "Majordomo," while anyone who completes the third level will become a "Master Majordomo." Sorry, business professionals: You'll just be plain ol' "Domo Professionals." Cutesy nicknames, it would seem, are only for the IT crowd.


Build Your Own Certification Program with Certification Magazine


Speaking, as we just were, of brand new certification programs, "How do I make one of those," is a fairly common question put to experts in the IT certification space. Over at Certification Magazine, the eighth installment of a nine-part series about building a certification program from the ground up has just arrived. Certification expert Warren Wyrostek had provided several thousand words of advice to date and outdoes himself in discussing instructional design, with a two-part "Step" that provides a high-level overview of popular ID models and then covers five common questions that are important to consider at the ID stage of creating your certification program.


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