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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 18)

So You Want to Be a Computer Technician


A job as a computer technician can springboard you to IT greatness.The first employment stop on the IT career path of many tech workers, often made while said individual is still in school or otherwise climbing an educational ladder, is to serve in a tech support or help desk position. Such employees, often more broadly described as computer technicians, can be found at organizations large and small, both inside and outside the IT industry. Computer technicians are expected to master a variety of skills and keep pace with various evolving technologies. It's an adventurous role. And, for the benefit of any inclined to seek out that particular adventure, there's an excellent new article at, the Certification Magazine website, that offers guidance and advice. Many people make computer support a career destination, and not merely a stepping stone. But even if you have bigger IT ambitions than just responding to frustrated end-users or building out company IT infrastructure, jumping in with both feet as a computer technician can provide a solid foundation on which to build a bigger and better IT future.


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