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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 19)

Don't Ignore Certs for IT Beginners


Tech certs that teach the basics are still important.There are a lot of at least semi-disparaging words used to describe IT certifications that teach and test the basics. Especially tech workers who are long removed from the sweaty palms and shaky self-confidence of their first-ever IT certification exam probably don't have a whole lot of regard for the importance of really settling into to fundamental IT concepts. That sort of intellectual and emotional distance is probably at least partially responsible for some certification programs neglecting or de-emphasizing "foundational" certifications. A new article by retired professor and educational advocate Steve Linthicum posted at the Certification Magazine website says that foundational tech credentials are still vitally important and that certification programs should be (and remain) commited to maintaining and improving them. If you think about it, long term self-interest should dictate pursuit of that very course. Foundational certs are critical to the development and future growth of the next generation of tech workers, yes, but they're also crucial for certification programs. Such gateway credentials often establish a strong interest in IT and sow the seeds of a relationship that can last for decades.


Microsoft Learning Seeks Input from Microsoft Certified Professionals


We missed it a couple of weeks back when this news was brand new, but Microsoft Learning, the certification and training arm of the software titan, would like to have a few words with Microsoft Certified Professionals. More specifically, Microsoft Learning would like to know what MCPs think about the Microsoft Certificaiton Program. This is the big chance, in other words, for MCPs to tell Microsoft Learning about every little (or large) thing that they would like to see fixed about the overall Microsoft certification experience. The vehicle for that communication is a brief survey (length estimated at 12 minutes), which well remain available until May 17.


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